Neuroplasticity and learning

What is neuroplasticity, and why it’s important when considering a child’s development and education?

In short, our brain becomes more rigid with age, and it’s important to form a strong foundation of thinking patterns from early childhood. Trying to learn how to see the world differently, or to behave differently even after 14 years of age means breaking and “fixing” some parts of the foundation. This requires a greater effort and is not as successful as building the right foundation from the start.

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Neuroplasticity and age

Neuroplasticity is brain’s ability to change its structure and function in response to environmental demands through neural connections. Neural changes occur on multiple levels and on different time scales (from milliseconds to decades) and can be positive or negative. Positive changes are reflected in improved capabilities and performance (e.g. acquisition of new skills and knowledge). Negative plasticity is evident through a decline or loss of functional ability.

Age is the most important factor determining brain’s capacity to change.

Neuroplasticity is strongest during our first five years of life, which provides us with the invaluable ability to learn with enormous ease. We acquire new skills through mere observation, immersion, and interactions in our social environment.

After the age of 3 our cognitive functions start declining, and our brain enters a steady “use it or lose it” stage, when established neural connections become stronger and more permanent through repeated use, while unused connections weaken and prune off. This is why repetition is the key to learning mastery.

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