Why children need to start learning about business from a young age

Dear parent,

If you’re not certain about your child’s readiness to conquer the real world, NOW is the best time to start preparing them for what’s coming.

Life doesn’t start when children finish school. At that stage young people are just trying to fit in the mould, and often feel disappointed when their expectations and perceptions not being supported by reality. We need to prepare our children for their successful future from an early age.
  • Is your child uncertain about what they want?
  • Will they benefit from gaining confidence?
  • Would you like to see them motivated and proactive?
If you answered “Yes” to these qquestions, then we can help.

Building a successful family business – a family legacy your kids will want to inherit

Family businesses make up between 80% to 85% of the world’s GDP and fund 85% of all start-ups across the globe.

However, family businesses die out alarmingly fast. 70% of family businesses fail to transition into the 2nd generation, from the 30% that survive, only 12% are passed to the 3rd generation, and from that 12%, a mere 4% are able to usher in the 4th generation. This means that majority of family businesses are unable to survive beyond 60 to 70 years.



Ken Robinson. Changing Education Paradigms

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