Why children need to start learning about business from a young age

Dear parent,

If you’re not certain about your child’s readiness to conquer the real world, NOW is the best time to start preparing them for what’s coming.

Life doesn’t start when children finish school. At that stage young people are just trying to fit in the mould, and often feel disappointed when their expectations and perceptions not being supported by reality. We need to prepare our children for their successful future from an early age.
  • Is your child uncertain about what they want?
  • Will they benefit from gaining confidence?
  • Would you like to see them motivated and proactive?
If you answered “Yes” to these qquestions, then we can help.

We admit students aged 7 to 17, and they learn how real life works through interactive lessons on weekends that cover a wide range of social and business studies, such as finance, marketing, project management, and leadership to name just a few. In addition, they practice their skills and knowledge by creating their own businesses. I don’t mean mock-up one-off boot-camp style trials, but real businesses that can make real money.

Our program is based on a comprehensive, thorough curriculum, which is a result of literally millions of hours of effort put by scientists and business professionals. Over the last 20 years we’ve prepared for the real world more than 5,000 graduates, who are the proof of our effective methodology.

You may ask: “Why do children need to know about business, especially form such an early age?”

Let me answer by painting a picture.

Imagine your child 20 years from now, when they’re a part of our grown up world.

Do you want your child to feel as if they’re stuck in a job or a profession, possibly even hating it, and keep showing up just to pay the bills, feeling pessimistic about their reality and their worth? I’m sure you know people like that.

Do you want your child to follow a path of what’s considered to be a ‘safe’ career choice, rather than choosing something that makes them tick and go an extra mile?

The fact is: if a person isn’t happy with what they do at work, in the best case they’ll be an average performer and will never experience great career heights or even a feeling of satisfaction and fulfilment. The sad reality is that most people never reach their full potential.

Is that the future you wish for your child?

If your answer is “No, than you need to start preparing your child for the future from an early age. There’ve been many scientific studies done proving that the human brain plasticity (an ability to learn, adapt and accept new concepts) is the highest until 14-15 years of age. The age range of 6 to 14 is the best age for young humans to start learning new skills, and, more importantly, this is the stage when new habits and a mindset is formed. By mindset I mean the way a person sees the world, what they think they’re capable of, what they think is possible, whether to seek or avoid certain situations.

You know well that once we finish school, there is no longer just 1 right answer to a problem, and our lives (personal and professional) are full of challenges.

MINIBOSS students learn how to see challenges as opportunities, as doors to new possibilities. They learn how to open those doors, and how to take advantage of what’s behind them. One of the most important skills our students learn is how to think for themselves and how to solve problems they haven’t seen before.

When creating different businesses, our students explore different industries and jobs before they finish school. This gives them a realistic understanding of how the world works, and what those jobs and professions really are about. And at the same time, they discover what activities and what roles make them happy, and they learn how to make living out of it.

If we want our kids to achieve anything of significance, and for them to know how to find the place of peace and fulfilment, we need to help them start planning their future and preparing for it, the earlier the better. Let's help our kids beat the odds, and take an active role in defining their future. Let’s make their successful future into a plan, rather than a lottery.

Entrepreneurship is a method we apply for much greater results than just a business success. Our graduates are:
  • confident leaders,
  • creative problem solvers,
  • independent thinkers, and
  • thoughtful family and team members,
who are proud of themselves and feel in control of their future.

Do you want your child to gain these qualities and have much better future prospects?

Are YOU ready to empower your child for a future they deserve?

If you say “YES”, book a Zoom call by applying through our website