Happiness looks like this! Summer Camp MiniBoss in Greece (photo)

Students from different countries met at an International Summer Camp in Greece. This is an exciting moment! Children will learn, relax, develop entrepreneurial skills, communicate...

Interesting games and quests every day!

Possibility for a child to dive into a language environment and practice foreign languages.

Kids get new knowledge and motivation for further training in MiniBoss Business School International.

Health friendly environment with inrich educational games.

Opportunity for the child to expand the position and find friends from different countries.

The camp is located on 80 km from Thessaloniki and 25 km from Katerini city, near the sea and at the foot of the majestic Mount Olympus, with a picturesque and extensive beach.

The territory of the complex is covered with trees, providing coolness and comfort even on the hottest days, and the shady alleys with palm trees and exotic trees promote pleasant walks around the complex and proper rest.



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